Imaginative Play - Wisdom from Wednesday...

I posted the below image on Instagram today as I was inspired by the imaginative play of my 4 year old. I love how anything can become something else. This is her boat with her passengers on board and her paddling stick. 

For my 4 year old everything has limitless potential. It has it's intended function and then the function that she creates. Nothing is too crazy an idea. A piece of paper, even the tiniest scrap of her 'snippings' can become almost anything.  

Imagine a world where a clothes basket can one minute be a boat to take passengers on a journey and the next be a home for your pet dog 'Wags'. Imagine a world where you can have endless fun running around on the lawn dragging a branch back and forth (I really wish I had video'd it now) and the next be sitting under it as your umbrella protected from the rain storm, while the sun still shines. Unending possibilities. Everything having limitless potential.

What happens to us as adults? When do we lose the ability to look at stuff (situations and circumstances) and see unending possibilities? When do we stop believing in limitless potential? 

What would our lives look like if we still participated in imaginative play? Would that dysfunctional relationship look any different if we believed in unending possibilities and the limitless potential of people? Would we enjoy our 9-5 more if we took the principles of imaginative play and applied them? Would we find adventure in our day to day lives if we let our imagination take us places a little more frequently.

I'm not sure. But it struck me today that it was worth a try!! I want to view my world with fresh eyes, the eyes of a child, and again wholeheartedly believe in the limitless potential and unending possibilities of anything and everything and everyone - to the point where my actions might reflect this core belief. What about you?