Monday Makes... furniture recreated!!

There is something about 'recreating' discarded objects and turning them into something beautiful that warms my soul. I love it! Be it in the form of artworks or jewellery or bringing old pieces of furniture back to life it always seems to make me happy. There is something to be said for a story of restoration! 

This Monday Makes is one such story. Discarded and missing its glass top this disheveled coffee table was left by the side of the road waiting for a council rubbish collection.  It was missing paint, had water damage and had simply seen better days (Unfortunately you are just going to have to take my word for it cause I didn't take a before photo).

But after months of work this is the finished product. It is silver faux metal in appearance.  I am really happy with how it turned out and it does seem to get a lot of comments from visitors.  And no it is not silver leafing it is something that is far less expensive and much more readily available. Even if you are not a crafter you will have some in your cupboards. That's right it is 'tin foil' or 'aluminium foil'. 


A piece of MDF was placed in the position the glass used to exist from the underside of the table creating the sunken centre. Mod Podge was used to adhere squares of the 'tin foil', shiny side down. It was stuck down creating generous creases. Once the whole table was covered in the foil black paint was rubbed on to the table and rubbed off to highlight the creases in the foil. Finally it was finished off with several coats of gloss vanish. And there you have a faux metal table.

So what do you think?