What's ya inspiration Wednesday - Sleep..

Well I am still suffering from the flu and 'suffering' is definitely the word. I am not usually one to get sick and if I do it doesn't usually hang around long nor does it usually really stop me from 'doing' too much. So imagine my agony at thinking I was getting better just to find I had to spend another day in bed. I am also not very good at admitting that I need help but today I had to. 

Today and for the last week I have been made to  practice the art of BEING not DOING. According to Jeanne Carbonetti* this, along with patience are the vital elements gained during the first stage of the creative process -WAITING.  This flu has made me stop and again contemplate these truths.

For much of this flu I have continued to do what I usually do, soldiering on not really being that kind to my body who has obviously been screaming that it needs some TLC. But today as I really had no choice but to be in bed I have had to REMEMBER the importance of balance and that being is essential for doing. As a DOER I often struggle with the implementation of this truth. But every now and then life seems to dish us up a set of circumstances to remind us of the importance of simply BEING. 

So today's inspiration was firstly SLEEP, then recognising my need to be content and enjoy whenever the 'waiting' stage of my creative journey comes round.

If you too are not so crash hot at BEING, I suggest taking sometime to be kind to you. Contemplate who you are without the DOING and acknowledge even say out loud (no matter how silly you think you sound)  that you ARE amazing and wonderful and awesome - apart from what you do.

PS- If like me you are continuously looking to understand more about the creative process then a resource worth checking out is Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life by Jeanne Carbonetti. She has many interesting perspectives and thoughts, some I think are fabulous others I do not subscribe to but still worth a read- I know I have mentioned this book before but I am thinking it is time that I read it again.