Monday's Makeover...

Well it is Monday again and I have had a weekend of mixed emotions. Firstly I am still struggling with the flu or all flu's. Everyday it seems to morf and develop a new symptom but the most annoying has been the MOTHER of all headaches. Now I am a bit of a head achy person and I usually put up with most headaches with minimal whinging, but seriously this headache has me crying like I have the worst case of MAN FLU ever.

Aside from my sickness woes I also had a weekend of joys and sorrows. I had the pleasure of looking after my little 'Button' and her little besty on Saturday. I just love it when they get together. They play so beautifully and are just too cute. I also enjoyed the MASTER CHEF finale and was pleased that Adam came away with the title.

Unfortunately however I also farewelled some special people on the weekend, friends of our who are heading off to Canada today, as we speak in fact their plane should be leaving oz right now. It was really sad. The saddest of all is watching two little 3ish year old best friends having to say good bye.

Inspiration for my Monday's makeover has been drawn from them as I have been making little farewell gifts a Mum (my friend who is going to be greatly missed amongst our circle of Mums) and her two little gorgeous ones.  Firstly I made a journal, with coloured texta's for my friend so that she can journal in colour her feelings and emotions as she navigates this exciting and challenging time (sorry- forgot to take a picture).

Secondly a necklace for little 'miracle' (5ish months old) from buttons and the lids of Rafferty's (Sweezy) Baby Food containers. This obviously isn't really a gift for now but one that she can grow into, but she wore her new beads with pride for the picture.

My final gift was a little doll made in the likeness of 'Angels' best friend, so she doesn't have to be without her when she goes to Canada. I think it was a hit. Although not yet finished I am also working on a second little doll in 'Angels' likeness so her best friend can still be here in Oz with her (stay tuned for her unveiling)..

So in honour of our dear friends - till next time!. Thanks for the privilege of doing life with you. Thank you for the honour of intersecting with your lives. Go with our blessing and our prayers that you create a bigger and bolder future. May you brighten the lives of those you met and encounter, as you have ours. Our hope is that we have given as thoughtfully and as generously into your lives as you have ours.