Thoughts for Thursday... speak life

Well my Thought for Thursday is inspired by a fellow blogger.  I have been so slack with my blogging lately, you can imagine my surprise when I received this award from my Kre8ive Ally over at lillipillilane. I was so encouraged and blessed to receive it, in fact timing could not have been better. I am guessing it is not just me that on occassion allows the voices of a not so perfect world to become TOO loud. Well I was having one of those days and I guess I needed some encouragement. Well it came and whatsmore it came from a rather unexpected place- the land of blog. I guess the we all need reminding that we are AWESOME and that we never know when someone else needs a kind word. So like my friend at Lillipilli Lane - speak life into someone elses Kre8ive Journey, they may NEED it.

To accept this award, I am to tell you of 5 things I love. Then I am to pass this Kre8ive Gift on to 5 bloggers that I love.  Not only is receiving this award an awesome encouragement but it is also a great excuse for some Kre8ive Self-exploration. When was the last time you sat and wrote down 5 things you LOVE and why. Could be a really enlightening or affirming exercise when you next sit to enjoy a cuppa.Now the challenge here is to limit it to 5, but here goes. 5 things I LOVE are:

1. My Fam - The very patient man that I have been blessed with and my most gorgeous Button, who brightens every one of my days (even when I don't recognise it).
2. Divine Connections - Those I DO life with, dream with, laugh with and on occassion cry with.Those people that cross your path for a divine purpose.
3. Kre8ivity - My never-ending journey (over used word I know- but is the best description of the process) to increased capacity. The unique expression of one's personality. The exploration of life outside the square, not bound or limitied by society's unwritten rules.
4. Generosity - The act of being generous, witnessing generosity and being a receipient - everything about generosity is precious and causes us to enlarge. There can NEVER be enough of it. It is like hugs for the soul.
5. Chocolate - The smooth mouth watering taste of liquid silk.
Five blogger friends I LOVE!!!!!

1. Lotus Interiors Go friends following their dream and living a generous life.
2. Dandelionseedsanddreams Kre8ivity personified
3. Kimono Reincarnate Filling the world with such amazing Beauty
4. Passions of an Odd Chick Inspiration for your Kre8ive Life
5. Art by Anya Beautiful observations of life

Thank you, thank you to Lillipilli Lane for bestowing this lovely award on me- I can always do with some Kre8ive Affirmation.  Thank you also to those lovelies who pop by and share their thoughts and comments about their Kre8ive Life.