Monday Makeovers...

Well it is GIFT GIVING time again and I have just finished another bunch of gifts. I really wanted to share this one with you cause it is just a fantastic idea for the littlies in your world.

I LOVE this one. I am sooooooooooooooo happy with how it turned out.

So I popped in to my local craft store where I bought a multi pack of blank puzzles. I then picked myself up a pack of coloured 'Sharpies' (permanent coloured markers) which I had been hanging out to have an excuse to buy. There endith the list of equipment.

All one needs from there is a little imagination and that is all it takes to create a fabulous and unique gift for that someone special in your world.

This pressy is headed the way of one young animal enthusiast - I hope she love's it as much as I loved making it. Seriously you should give it a go, cause no-one is really ever too old that they would not enjoy a handmade puzzle.