What's your inspiration Wednesday???

Heston Bumenthal.... This week it is literally food. Heston is such a KRE8IVE Genius! I have only recently discovered this man's talents through my latest TV addiction- Master Chef Australia. I love this show for so many reasons. I love food. I love the idea of others making it for me, more than me making it. I love the colours and textures and creative inspiration that I get watching other prepare food. I love the thought of getting to watch another live and discover their creative dream. Now I do love food but I have never been one to follow a receipe so I really have never got into the foodies world but this man is inspirational on a number of levels. Firstly he does just the most amazing things with food (I love people that MAKE their own creative rules and are not bound by those predetermined by others), secondly he get's the power of tantalising all of our sensors at once (the concept of this gets my VERY VERY inspired), but MOST impressively he is SELF TAUGHT. Can you believe that!!!! For more on his foodie journey you can check out his story here .

If you haven't seen it Episode 55 of Master Chef Australia is well worth a look. You can check out Heston's creative genius HERE.