Friday Faves - CRAZY COLOURS...

OMG..... where have the weeks gone!!! Has been too many weeks since my last post. Has been a little crazy. I've had family visiting for the last two weeks, plus a few projects on the go. Have gone to blog a number of times but just have not managed to make it happen. But here I am, and it is Friday and I have 'Faves'.

I have been roming madeit for a little Friday arvo pick me up and I have been just SUPER blown away by the genuine Kre8ive Genius that exsists out there. I wanted to give credit where credit is due and encourage some fellow artisians, so here are my FRIDAY FAVES. I know you are going to LOVE these!!!! The inspiration for today's theme has come from some of my recent projects, so here are today's theme - CRAZY COLOURS...

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Scarf Hand Knitted Red Amber Brown Green Autumn by Plumfish
This scarf is soooooooo stunning. I love colour and texure and this scarf has tonnes. I too love that it is made from recycled materials. I NEED to get me one of these. If you haven't seen this ladies work you must check it out she also has the most wonderful Rose necklaces made from Sari silk. Awesomely Kre8ive! 

Hobby Horse 'DUKE' by Calamity Bolt
Simply gorgeous childrens toy. Totally takes me back to my childhood, although I must say my hobby horse was definately NOT that stunning. What a gift; it would totally tantalise a little imagination while returning burried memories for those big kids at heart.  

Sweet Garland- Venice Love by 3GIRLSandagoat
Totally love the simplicity of this idea- truely Kre8ive and so sweet. I LOVE the creativity required to create something from recycled materials. What an awesome example of Kre8ive Practice.

Quirky Buttons ~ Autmn Floral ~ Buttons Bead Necklace by Bizzee Beek Creations
I just love buttons and have been playing with buttons myself lately, but this creations is just wonderful. So lovely.

Pinnigan Rag Doll by Pinnigan
I just love this doll and the eclectic use of recycled/ vintage fabrics. I love the idea of unique handmade toys. It reminds me of my childhood. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Tell me which one is your favourite.

Next time you need some Kre8ive Inspiration take a wander through madeit. Also go the extra mile and be an Ally of someone elses creative journey and let them know that you think their Kre8ive Genius Rocks.