Monday Makeover...

It is gift giving time...

  Some of you will remember I have set myself the challenge of giving HANDMADE this year - handmade by me, that is. It is really stretching my creativity which I am enjoying. I have always loved gift giving and the whole process of finding the perfect gift, one that is tailored to the recipient. So giving handmade is certainly stretching my creative abilities both in terms of idea generations as well as the creation of the physical gift. My time management skills could do with some revamping however so that I could get the gifts to my loved ones on time, but slowly I think I am getting on top of that.

So here is my latest Monday Makeover... it went in the mail today.

This neckace is for a friend's 40th. I wanted to make her something a little special as it is her 40th Birthday. I don't think you can go past the elegance of a peacock on a special occasion. Its made on felt featuring re-purposed pull-tops, broken glass and aluminium can beads. Loving the style of the jewellery that is in fashion at the moment, totally suited to re-purposed projects.

So... stretch yourself and give a handmade gift this month. It doesn't have to be re-purposed, but nothing speaks more loudly of 'value' then taking something others would discard and call 'useless' and turning it into something beautiful.

 I also 'recreated' the gift box with some vintage sheet music and a hand drawn illustration.

Happy Gift Giving!!!