A time for reflection....

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow its that time again, time to stop and reflect on the year that was? 2009 was definately a big year:

-Hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage
-I turned 30
-Became a Mum to my beautiful 'button'
-Lots of firsts for our 'button' (word, swim, standing, outing- the list is endless)
-Had 4 individual showings of my artwork and participated in 2 Arts Festivals
-I Payed it Forward to 5 new blogger friends
-Participated in the land of blog in a more purposeful way (well hopefully-although I totally fell off the wagon in the last month or so)
-Joined a gym (needed to after stopping breast feeding)

I know I am sounding like a broken record, and I thought only OLD people said this -but can someone please tell me where time goes. Is there some secret land where time hides out? A land where fleating moments play, laughing at those of us who have been too busy to notice their existance. I still can't believe that it is 2010. So what does this new year hold???? In all honesty I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I really haven't had time to sit and reflect on the year that was yet.

So here is my challenge- To review 2009, to determine what lessons it has to teach me in preparation for the 2010 that I want to create!!!! In the coming days I am going to get out my NEW 2010 Journal (this is mandatory- a new year requires a New Journal, even if the old one is not yet full) and ask myself the following questions:

1. Who did I dream I would be by the end of 2009? Why?
2. Am I that person?
3. What did I dream of doing in 2009, but didn't? Why?
4. Who do I hope to become in 2010?
5. What things do I desire to achieve?

I will be sure to post some of my thoughts in the coming days!!!

PS. Kre8ive Life has started the New Year with a new look-do you like???