Random Acts of Kindness

If you live in Australia I hope like me, you are loving the Random Acts of Kindness TV show on Channel 9. I find this show so inspirational. There is nothing more motivational than ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Living beyond yourself is definitely living the most kre8ive life that you can.

For those of you who don’t watch it or don’t live in Australia, the basic rule of thumb with the show is that someone has been nominated for their amazing contribution to the lives of others. These people may run community organisations, have set up charities, become carers of loved ones, or been committed to raising funds for a cause. But all of them have looked beyond themselves and often made large sacrifices for the good of others. The show surprises them with acknowledgement of their amazing commitment, tells their story and then carries out 3 random acts of kindness for them. All the acts of kindness are tailored specifically to them.

The best part about the show though is simply hearing the stories of extraordinary everyday people. There is no better motivation then surrounding yourself with stories of those who have been there before you, doing the kinds of extraordinary things you desire to do. SO pick yourself up an autobiography of someone you admire, or Click here to check out some of the episodes of Random Acts of Kindness and be inspired to live Kre8ively. PS- I still need people to jump on board with my kre8ive generosity challenge and pay it forward. Check out my Pay it Forward post and the adventure.