Journaling in Colour

Well I am back from my first family holiday it was FABBBBBBBBBBBBBULOUS!!! We had a really great week in the Hunter Valley (Wine Country North of Sydney for those of you who don’t know where this is). Button loved having her dad around 24/7- she was in her element. Now that I am back I wanted to share with you this wonderful prayer/ journaling technique I have been using now for about 5 years. I love it. I journal a lot and have often found the pursuit of words frustrating. Because of this I embarked on a journey to discover other forms of journaling/ prayer that did not require words. It was then that I discovered Sheila Julian Merryweather's book Colourful Prayer- a new way to pray when words are inadequate. I have loved using this journaling method every since. As a visual person I find this technique very insightful and satisfying. I thought I would show you my holiday entry. I really hope you love this technique as much as I do…

Your journal
A circle to trace
Set of 12 coloured felt pens
Table top to work at
At least 1½ hour (probably more)

Often the process of consciously finding words to express how we are feeling makes us over think our emotions, stopping us from truly connecting with how we are feeling. This journaling technique removes the process of word selection from praying or journaling. As a result it allows you to open up, express and recognise the feelings you are currently experiencing.

Use the following guidelines for journaling/ praying in colour.
1. Relax and prepare for the task at hand (Environment is important, put on some relaxing music that makes you feel good and burn a candle or some aromatherapy oil)

2. The first step to journaling in colour is to create your key of colours with their corresponding feelings. No-ones colour key will be the same as every colour arouses different emotions for each individual. All of us have different memories attached to particular colours therefore using a standard colour key will not suffice for this exercise. So… take the time to think of a situation or instance when you felt each of the following emotions and write down the details in your journal along with the colour you think of when you recall this emotion. Do this with each of the emotions listed below.
O Happy
O Excited/ Expectant
O Content/ Peaceful
O Accomplishment
O Grateful
O Sad
O Angry
O Lonely
O Confused
O Disappointed
O Frustrated
O Exhausted

3. The next step is to create your key with the corresponding colour written next to the emotion as per the example.

4. Now you can start journaling. Trace a circle onto the page of your journal. This will just help to remove the expectation that you are to create a drawing of any kind. The aim of this exercise is to record your feelings through the using colour not to create a picture. It is likely that you will use more of the colour that represents the feeling/s that are currently the most real for you. Below are some examples. As you can see each journal entry can be very different.

Now that you have finished you may wish to reflect on your colour journaling experience. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

. Were you surprised by any of the colours that you chose when creating your colour key?
. Were you surprised by any of the emotions that you expressed using this form of journaling?
. What have you gained from this experience?
. Would you use this method of journaling/ praying again?

Note that once you have created your colour key, your are set to journal/ pray in colour again anytime you choose. Next time you will not need as long for this activity.

Source: Sheila Julian Merryweather (2003) Colourful Prayer- a new way to pray when words are inadequate.

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