Messages of encouragement and thanksgiving…

Have you ever had those moments when you look at someone in your world and get the feeling that they don’t realize just how much they are appreciated? What do you do with that sense? Do you ignore it? Or do you act on it?

Well after a few of these types of promptings lately in regard to someone in my world I decided I should not ignore it anymore, but instead I needed to act. So I opted to put on my creative hat and wrote a short note thanking them for their input into my life, in a handmade card created by me. Letting people in our world know we appreciate them is important.

This month provides each of us with the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation and say thank you. Did you know May 30th is the National Day of Thanksgiving?

The official National Day of Thanksgiving website describes this day as: "a unique opportunity for Australians to celebrate and give thanks for our God given heritage as a nation and to demonstrate the God given values of honour, respect, thankfulness and gratitude towards our fellow man that have made us the great nation we are.

It is a day for us to pause as a nation and say thank you to God and to each other for those many things we often take for granted but which really make our lives worth living. Let us use this day to be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to us during the past year. THE NATIONAL DAY OF THANKSGIVING - AN OPPORTUNITY NOT AN EVENT!”

You can check out what the Prime Minister, Governor General and the Opposition Leader have to say about the National Day of Thanksgiving at

How about taking this opportunity to thank those in your world for their contribution to your life!