Framing it up…

Does your fridge look like this??? As you can see mine does and I hate it. I can’t stand that it always ends up looking like a high school notice board. I have some great photos on my fridge that I love. They are of people that are important in my life. The unfortunate thing is they usually end up covered in stuff. For a long time now I have planned to tidy it up. I have wanted to get all of the stuff off my fridge (and onto the notice board I tailor made specifically for that purpose forever ago) leaving only the photos I love.

I also wanted to remove all of the ugly magnets I have collected over the years from businesses advertising themselves. I attempted to outlaw these things from my fridge a while back when I bought a great set of fridge frames from Ikea. However when I finally went back to purchase more, to complete the look, they no longer sold them.

After my initial disappointment I figured I could make some myself. So using some nice papers, I chose some with sentimental value as well as some that simply matched my décor, I created my own. I also put those ugly fridge magnets to good use recycling them. I cut them up and glued them to the back of my new frames so they would stick to the fridge. Using the Ikea set I had previously bought as templates I created a range of sizes.

So how about taking on the challenge to spicing up your kitchen, and create a shrine to all of those you love. This project not only tidies up your fridge but adds some colour to your kitchen at the same time. Doesn’t this look a million times better? I love it. As per usual I would love to see your handy work, so please email me photos of your wonderful fridge photo colleges.