Clutter: an enemy who strangles creativity….

Yes, currently this is the state of my garage- I am in the middle of de-cluttering. It is filled with piles of 'to be gotten rid of', 'give away', 'sell on ebay' and 'put away'.

Do you remember the ‘Where’s Wally’ books, or the ‘Magic Eye’ books? How often did you see the magic image or find Wally?

I was never very good at finding Wally. I always got distracted by what else there was to see in the image. Clutter in our life works in exactly the same way. It distracts us and removes our focus from the task/s at hand. It strangles our creativity by consuming our attention leaving us with no mental space to pursue our creative pursuits. When your life is cluttered so to is your mind usually and SPACE is required to be creative.

I encourage you to have a clutter clearance at the beginning of this year both of the physical clutter but also the mental clutter that you have it your life. This is a ritual I have inherited from my family who have always ensured that a spring clean was done prior to January 1st every year. Calendars from the past year and Christmas decorations were never left hanging when the new year begun. As much as I am not as strict on some of those things a am a believer in starting the new year fresh and as free as one can be from the clutter and the unnecessary STUFF of the year before.

Try it and see if you suddenly discover that you seem to have more room in your life for living creatively.