Create your World

What world would you create if it was yours to design? The fact is that it is!!! The world in which you live and work and play is impacted for the better or the worse by our contribution to it.

Over the Christmas break while driving around Coffs Harbour I saw a bumper sticker that read ‘CREATE YOUR WORLD’. I was really impacted by those words. I really like that slogan, in fact it could easily become a motto to live by. As I was pondered those words it reminded me of Ghandis famous quote- “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Have you ever thought about the influence you have on the word in which you live? When we are negative then we project a negative attitude, spreading our negativity to those around us. However if we are hope-filled, we likewise pass on our expectant attitude to those we do life with. When we choose to be generous, we are challenging others to explore their capacity for acts of generosity too. When we chose words of encouragement and see it as an honour to contribute to other’s success then we might also be surprised to find others choosing to want to contribute to the success of those around them too.

What world are you creating, and are you being the change you wish to see?