Make a world of difference, with just a small sacrifice...

Recently we were in Vanuatu. We had taken an 11 night cruise through the South Pacific. On day four we arrived in port at Luganville. The first three days of the cruise had been beautiful sunny weather however today it was poring with rain. Apparently we were the first boat this year and all the locals had proudly turned out to show off their culture and to sell their wares and handicrafts. The rain meant that everyone was trying to stay dry. Even the locals dressed in their traditional customs, prepared to demonstrate their traditional dance stood huddled under a tarp.

Despite the rain it was still quite warm. My husband and I decided to make the most of the adventure and braved the rain. Walking through the market we came across a tent of children singing their little hearts out. With beaming faces and wonderful smiles they sang many of the songs my husband and I used to sing at Sunday school. We’d planned to make a donation so my husband requested one of his old favourites from Sunday school days. While we stood deciding the appropriate size of our donation, another man walked up and with seemingly little thought dropped $20 in the box.

I was humbled by this man’s generosity. We had requested the song and my husband had stood singing along with them. But then we had taken some time to discuss how much to give them (partly because we had very little cash on us at the time). As we reflected on this situation later we decided that next time we were in a position to be generous to someone we would give more than we had intended. Our small sacrifice could make a world of difference to someone else.