What are your goal words for 2016?

Think long weekend.
Think away by the beach for the first time in a long time.
Think a much needed break.
All the right ingredients for the inspiration and the conviction needed to relaunch my blog....

It has been several months since that weekend and I have made many excuses since that initial moment of inspiration to say that it was all to hard. But here I am!

That's right I'm back in blog land. Only this time I'm Beautifully Recreated! Ironic right? I am more convinced than ever that I need to document my journey to live a creative life. As the creative life is the life that I know I'm meant to live, the life I was made for.

Living a creative life has been my hearts conviction for a lot of years now. But all too often I have allowed the pursuit of temporary things to distract me from 'BEING' my true self. As I get older I am discovering that it takes discipline and lots of it, to be your true self. It is much easier to be who society or circumstances dictate you should be. And there are also many things, often important things, that we use as an excuse or reasons for why we can't or don't have time to practice being all that we are called to be.

So here I am working on the discipline and practice of living a creative life.

It is always amusing how events and circumstances align. Here we are at the beginning of another year and finally I have received enough separate promptings to take action and restart my blog. While quite separately I had determined that my words for 2016 were: REVIVE and PERSIST.

So here I am reviving my creative life and endeavouring to persist and stick at it - very early days. But here's to new year!!

What are your goal words for 2016?