Write it down...

So I am positive you have read or heard people say at least one of the following quotes:

Fail to plan; plan to fail.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Write the vision; make it plain..., so he may run who reads it.

I am a big believer in writing it down! Granted I definitely could be better at it. But I firmly believe that there is a need for the desires of our heart, the promptings of our spirit, our dreams and our goals to be written down.

In essence if we fail to write them down or declare them out load - it is near impossible for them to become reality. Saying them or writing them in essence makes them real. They are no longer just a nice idea hidden on the inside. They have real estate, either in the atmosphere or on a piece of paper.

They are now not just a thought. The first step to birthing anything is to take ownership of the potential in the idea. Writing it down is usually part of the first step in making it happen. Once you can own the idea - then obviously you need a plan and to take action. But most often it all starts at writing it down.

I love it, Write the vision; make it plain..., so he may run who reads it.

That is me. I need the motivation to run after the desires of my heart.  So here is how I have written it down and made it plain...

How have you made your vision for 2016 plain?