Friday's Faves - Seeing Red...

In light of my recent hair colour change my Friday Faves for this week is 'Seeing Red'.  Here are a few things that I am loving this week....

Little Red Riding Hood  earrings by Little Puddles

Red, silver and black disc polymer clay bead necklace by Red Raspberry

Raspberry Twisted Top Macrame Pot/Plant Hanger by The Coloured Knot

Red Fringe Statement Necklace, Jcrew Inpired Fringe Bib Jewelry,Free Gift Box Packaging Available by Kisspat Feather 

ORIGINAL Contemporary Textured Painting Red Flowers Oil Painting Thick Impasto Bouquet in Vase by Susanna at Modern Houseart

BUTTONED UP RED (Button Necklace with 100-125 buttons woven into it in shades of red by Beady White