Monday Makes... a new little creation!!

Once again it has been way too long since I have been in and around the land of blog. I have missed it. I have missed the inspiration of other creatives and I have missed the disciplined exploration of my own creative journey that blogging provides. Despite not doing much in the way of writing, there has been many a completed project particularly during the 'nesting' phase of my pregnancy.

I must admit I did love the productivity of those few weeks, as the rest of my pregnancy I felt really de-motivated and tired. I will catch you up on my previous months creative projects over the coming weeks as I am really proud of them. But once again it seems time to reenter the land of blog and explore my creative journey in a disciplined fashion.

As I mentioned before in my absence from blog land I have been busily working on a pretty special little creative project... Button 2. She is gorgeous and 8 weeks old already. My 'Button 1' is 4 and for the life of me I am not sure where the time goes.

What precious creations to have the privileged of nurturing guiding. These are my best Kre8ive endeavors!!!