Thought for Thursday - Never forget what moves you!!!

Today I heard a really great quote...

“To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius.” 
 Joyce Cary

And in lots of ways I totally agree. My bad memory, or the grace I have received that has caused me to forget, has allowed me over the years to move on from a lot of things. As a result I am fortunate that I, in some areas bear far less scars,  than if I had remembered. Forgetting sometimes is the best medicine to living a kre8ive life as it means you are not held somewhere you don't want to stay.

At the same time, and yes get ready for what is going to appear to be a contradiction,  sometime the best thing we can do for our Kre8ive Journey is to remember. Too often we forget all those things that are most important to us. We allow the NORMAL everyday life to crowd out those things that we hold most dear. 

Today I was reminded to NEVER Forget what moves me!!!!! This was a fabulous reminder, and very timely too. As if as a confirmation of this thought I received images of paintings I completed nearly three years ago, hanging in their new finished home... a home for orphaned children in Rwanda.

NEVER forget what moves you!