The Picker Sisters - What is your Inspiration Wednesday (only it was on Thursday)

I was struggling for inspiration this week until two of my friends SMS'd me this evening to ask me if I had seen the Picker Sisters which aired tonight 8:30- 9:30pm on GEM.

OMG I am not sure if these ladies are old news in Australia or not. If they are I apologies for my belated enthusiasm. But I am hooked and devastated at the same time. As it appears after my hunt of the TV guide that they were either the only episodes to be aired or the last episodes to be aired. If they are the latter that would be totally expected as I am typical a late adopter of things.

I love these ladies, their designs and the life they are creating for themselves. This is so close to my dream life that I am having a difficult time NOT being green with envy.

If you haven't seen the Picker Sister's on TV I am sorry - they are awesome. You can check them out on facebook . I love what they do with old stuff.

Oh May some of their repurposing/ recreating/ upcycling mojo rub off on me!