Thought for Thursday - You're a gift...

I heard an interesting thought today and I loved it. I loved it so much that I have even got over my blogging slackness to rejoin the land of blog, to share it with you.

I was listening to a lady sharing makeup tips (that's right makeup tips) and she said something that I thought was so very profound. She said something like this:  "Doing your make up and generally making an effort with our appearance was like putting a ribbon on a gift. With out the ribbon the box is still a gift but with the ribbon it is so much more appealing and inviting and exciting". 

As a Mum there are days where the notion of making an effort with my appearance seems all to hard. And there have been many days where I would have much rathered stay in my PJ's, and I only have one child. But since the very first week I brought 'Button' home from the hospital I made a commitment to myself that everyday I would get up, shower, put my makeup on and try to make a little effort. I am so thankful that I did. I know that some days the only thing that kept me from staying in bed all day was the fact that I had got up and wash and done my hair.

Now before I get a bunch of comments saying that beauty does not depend on our make up and hair being done. Let me just say I TOTALLY agree with you. This thought had nothing to do with beauty. The heart behind this thought that I loved, was self respect and seeing ourselves as gifts in the lives of others. As well as the reality that when we make some effort with our appearance, we feel better about ourselves. It can give us more confidence. This allows us to be able to look past a lot of our short comings long enough that we might decide not to allow them to be a the barrier that would usually stop us from giving of our selves to others.

My personal view is that I was put here on this earth to invest and give into the life of others. When I do I find out more about me and who I am and I get the greatest opportunity to utilise my gifts and abilities. But the thing that is my greatest barrier to doing this is my own insecurities and fears about myself.

I love the thought that just by respecting myself a little and taking a little time to do my hair and makeup and putting on a nice little ensemble I am putting a bow on a gift (Me) for those in my world. I thought that was a cool idea, how about you?