Mobilsed Women - What's your inspiration Wednesday...

Well it is Thursday but I totally wanted to share with you Wednesday's (yesterday's) inspiration. I had a fabulous night last night with a group of women (around 60 in all) who came together to have coffee and cake and do something simple for their local community. These ladies brought toiletry items such as: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand cream, exfoliating gloves, nail polish, lip gloss, bronzer and mascara and got busy creating hampers for the clients of Lotus Interiors. I was so blown away that they would want to come along side the work that we are doing and bless strangers.

The coolest part is that the ladies were asked to simply bring one or two items. Here is the fruits of their handy work, and this is only half of the hampers they created.

Forty hampers later we had run out of cellophane, and ribbon and still had toiletries left over. That is the power of a few women mobilised behind a cause. It was a simply contribution but it will make an impact as women receive these gifts from strangers, telling them that they believe in them and wanted to bless them with a gift just for themselves.

I love women who Shout it Louder!!!