What is kre8ivity??? - Thought for Thursday

Well tomorrow night is the openning night for the Vinyl Medium Exhibition. This exhibition and the creativity of the entrants got me thinking about what is possible with old vinyl records and some imagination.  Below are some of the wild creations I found on the world wide web...

Vinyl Jewellery from HERE

Vinyl Roof Tiles from HERE

Vinyl Business Card Holder from HERE
Vinyl Wave Sculpture from HERE

I have always been facinated by the idea of the IMPOSSIBLE made POSSIBLE! Quiet a lot of my own artwork has been based around this idea that the Impossible can be made possible. These creations to me demonstrate in a small way that the impossible can become a reality, that one can take something that is unwanted, useless and surpassed and turn it into the possible! I love that about art. That you start with little or a big blank nothingness and that as the creator we can each breath life into something that was not.

Exploring your KRE8IVITY and you give yourself a glimpes of how the IMPOSSIBLE can be POSSIBLE!