Circles of Flight - Friday Faves

Today I finished a commission piece that I have been working on now for about 2 months. I am so happy with the final result. This piece is quite a deviation from my normal colour schemes but I really enjoyed the challenge of using colours quite different from my normal palate. I am very excited about continuing to explore my circles theme. I finished two pieces quite a few years ago now that incorporates similar circles and I was keen then to explore this message further but it never eventuated. But I am back here again and SUPER excited about the future artworks that will be made. So in honour of my latest commission Circles of Flight, I have put together a gorgeous collection.

made by that vintage

Apart from being Mum, wife, painter, charity committee member and friend I am also the wholesale manager for a gorgeous jewellery company that designs jewellery to empower you to shine, jewellery aimed at inspiring hope. This is a piece that I thought was very appropriate to share with you.  
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Oh and I have a sneak peek of my finished commission ready for you on Monday!