Lessons from a toddler... Thought for Thursday

I love that my toddler at 20mths old has a little best friend that she loves. But as with all loving relationships, the girls definitely have their moments when they get on each others nerves. The big 'learning' at the moment is SHARING, TURN TAKING, and the notion that they DO NOT NEED WHAT EACH OTHER HAS.

"Why do they always WANT what each other has?" Besty's Mum said to me as we watched the girls play.

While I was contemplating that statement, I had a moment, an epiphany. As Mum's or as parents we often look at these traits in our children and wonder why they seem, to refuse to learn that they DO NOT NEED WHAT EACH OTHER HAS. But the thought I had was, do we? Do we ever really learn this lesson?

I know we stop needing to have the match box car that someone else is playing with or the stroller and dolly that our friend has but do we ever really stop WANTING or thinking that we NEED what others HAVE????

Don't we usually look at someone else's life from the outside and WANT their perfect life, their wonderful marriage, great job, loving and supportive family, fabulous skin or hair. Often though our longings are with only half the story. We usually forget that there is a flip side to every coin and undoubtedly their life comes with it own set of challenges.

More than that however we are not usually very good at appreciating the things that we HAVE in our own lives, our gifts and abilities, our own inner strength, our support network work - however small it might be. Even our dreams and goals are something that we can be thankful for. So my lesson from my toddler is...

I too STILL need to learn that I DO NOT NEED what everyone else has!!!