Monday Makes... Blooms Again

This weeks Monday Makes... has been a project in the making for some time now. It started over six months ago with a piece of vine, cut from the walls of my my sister-in-law's house. This vine is amazing. It is huge and always so lush and green. When the vine was trimmed this segment was discovered. The branches had all fused and grown together to create a net of vine. After leaving it dry out for several months waiting for some inspiration - this was the canvas that I began the project with...

and this is the finished result... I am loving the process of watching a creative project come to life at the moment, and this project was a profound and amazing process to be part of. From the birth of the idea to watching the canvas flowers and cardboard leaves be born to seeing the painting hung in the home of our latest Lotus Interiors makeover, the entire process has been profound. 

This painting so depicts transformation. It is a collection of discarded items (a dead vine, canvas off cuts and the outer cardboard from used takeaway coffee cups) made new, made beautiful.

This painting bears such a wonderfully inspiring message for our Lotus clients who need to be reminded that they are 'Beautiful' no matter what other have said about them or how others have treated them.

But most profound of all is that this painting perfectly represents my own transformation and the growth and changes that I have worked through over the last few months- this painting is Beautifully Recreated...

Blooms Again - Mixed Medium - 2010