What's your inspiration Wednesday...

Some people just exude INSPIRATION. They overflow with talent, passion and creativity, and when you observe their life you are left standing in AWE. Well today my inspiration comes from one such person. I have never had the privilege of meeting this lady, one day it would be a real honour to do so,  I have simply observed her creative journey from afar. I guess this is one of the advantages of the land of blog. She totally inspires and challenges me.
Kimono Reincarnated

This is the image Kimono Reincarnated's booth at the Life Instyle Trade Show in Melbourne

I love her work. I have always loved all things Japanese - the artwork, the food, the cherry blossom, the colours and the elegance. Unfortunately I have never visited Japan (but again maybe one day). I stand in awe of Mel's productivity and clarity of her vision considering she is a mum of a 12 month old. This is so impressive to me as I too am navigating this journey with an 18month old daughter of my own. I once lived time management in the years prior to entering Mum land however now I must admit I find it my greatest barrier to the realisation of my creativity dream.
So today I wanted to simply wanted to honour another creative soul, celebrate their creative journey and remind myself that I am surrounded by inspirational people.

When was the last time you honoured one of your world's inspirational people?