Thought for Thursday...

I saw this on the drive from Adelaide to Goolwa - it just had to be photographed.

I love holidays and last week we were in Goolwa, South Australia on a family holiday. Did you miss me??? Bet you didn't even know that I was gone. We had a fabulous week despite the very cold and sometimes crazy weather. I love that 'Button' has added such an element of fun to our holidays, to even the simplest ones. My hubby and I have always been the 'take it easy' holidayers. We tend to opt for sitting around doing not a lot of very much as opposed to filling our days with so much sight seeing that you need another holiday when you get home from your holiday. This holiday was great as it was filled with all of the things we love lots of relaxation, FOOD, laughter, wine, coffee and time with family and friends. It was fantastic. Here is some of our pics...

Port Elliot

My lovelies

These crazy hair balls lined one of the beaches between Port Elliot and Victor Harbor

SO my thoughts for today and my tip for living a Kre8ive Life are:

1. Go on Holidays more! We all need time to work and PLAY. Going away is great if the budget and your annual leave allow, but otherwise get creative - have weekends away or simply go on more outings (there are lots of places one can go that don't even have to cost any money).

2. Spend MORE time with those you love (family and friends). Life is all about people. They enrich our lives. Have an Intoxicating Generous Spirit towards those in your world. Try it and see what impact it makes, you never know you might just CHANGE your world.