Watcha Wearing Wednesday- New Look

Well, I am kinda cheating today cause my Watcha Wearing Wednesday New Look is not mine- its my lounges. I've had my red couches now for nearly 8 years and as much as I love them they are starting to look a little tired, particularly since the arrival of our 'Button'. There are definately wearing some evidence of undesirable mishaps. So feeling a bit discouraged by my dowdy lounges the other day, and inspired by my other recent cushion making endeavours I figured maybe some new accessories would sass up my lounges a little.



So I made some upcycled cushions. They were re-fashioned from some fabric I bought on a visit to Laos a few years ago that had just been left sitting in my linen cupboard. I am pretty happy with the little bit of bling that these cushions bring to my lounge room- and upcycling is great for the budget and the environment. Its WIN - WIN - WIN!!!!

So what do you think??? Do you have something laying around your house that could be upcycled into a NEW LOOK for your place?? I would love to hear about your upcycling projects.

PS - I have more upcycling planned for some of my other rooms so stay tuned!!!!