Love'n That

Love'n That - While taking one of my regular walks through blog land today I came across this fabulous blog- How about Orange. It has the most fabulous tutorials. But this one was my favourite- check it out.  
Image is from How about Orange

Here my version (I've given it a bit of my own creative flare- its made from some fused plastic bags that I had previously created). I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loven this idea.  Now all I need is some people to give presents too.

Love'n That -  Fresh Watermelon in Summer. On those stinking hot days we have had lately, you can't beat a juicy piece of cold watermelon straight from the fridge.

Love'n That - Well I have been up to it again - refashioning. 'Button' got this dress over Christmas. It was cute enough but not really my thing.  As 'Button' is still only crawling dresses simply create frustration for her - and the dress was just not something that I would put on her to go out. She has lots of other very pretty going out dresses. So the dress ran the risk of warming a coat hanger in her little wardrobe.

In a moment of inspiration yesterday I realised that she could do with some more tops and so I reinvented this little number. I love it. It is very quirky and the look is very cute. I call my sewing style funky shabby chic, cause it is intentionally a bit messy and distressed, but I incorporate that with bright colours (not a fan of pastels). I usually use black thread as it creates detail (I tend to do the same in all my artworks) and I hate seams so avoid them if I can by using the good old zig-zag. I also made a matching head band. Love'n that Button can now wear this.

Love'n That - Susan Boyle's album - I dreamed a dream. This is being played a lot in my house. Love the emotion she sings with. The courage she has shown to follow her dreams encourages and inspires me whenever I put it on. If you happen to be one of the few people on the planet that haven't got hold of her album, do it!!! Go on 'dream a dream' in 2010.

Love'n That -  The smell of freshly cut grass. My hubby has been cutting the grass in our court yard while I have been blogging. Though the smell can get overpowering if in a confined space , it totally brings back memories of childhood chores on a 1 acre block- yep mowing was often my job (and no we didn't have a ride-on mower). 

- Taking inspiration from life -