Stimulate your creativity

Promise Laid to Rest- The Stone 2005 work of Amanda McSeveny

It has been a while since I have played in the land of blog. I have missed you all and as I have been reading through all of your posts I have taken heart that I do not seem to be the only one who has hit a funk lately. So many of you have talked about creative droughts, loosing your MOJO and life taking you away and I hear you. I know recently I have headed into the valley and it is time to be venturing back into the wardrobe and wandered past all the coats and skipping straight into the land of blog. Get me back on my creative horse.

To be honest I think I got a bit overwhelmed by how many wonderfully talented creative people there were our there in the land of blog. I doubted my ramblings were adding anything to the collective wisdom and that my creations were bring joy. In the words of Kimono Reincarnated I allowed the self doubt monster to pay me a visit.

So have you ever been BLOCKED and in a funk....well here are a couple of tools to get you moving again. For those in blog-land take a look at your Kre8ive Life from a different angle and take part in the following: Wordless Weekend from little munchkins or Watcha Wearing Wednesday from dear fii . I love these - they would also make great journaling activites. You should also click here to check out Eyewire's creativity cards. These little cards can be printed and kept in your creative space. Pull them out and you will be on your way again.