I am a coffee lover. I think my obsession began in high school. However when I fell pregnant with ‘Button’ I started drinking decaf and well as I am a coffee snob- decaf really didn’t cut it for me. I hoped that I could have the odd cup after she was born but every time I have it seems to upset her stomach. So I have become a TEA lover.

Was never really a big fan of Tea, particularly herbal teas. I always liked the thought of them, as they smelt so good. But the taste just never lived up to expectations. I thought flavoured teas would be the same. But that is sooooo not the case. I discovered Punjabi Chai and the world of Tea was opened up to me. Loose leaf of course is the only way to go, everything else is definitely inferior (can you tell I am now a Tea snob). At the moment my favorite place is my local T2 Tea House. I am so enjoying the adventure of trying a new type of Tea every time I go.

I have a couple of favourites at the moment…
• Monk Pear
• Crème Brulee
• Gorgeous Geisha (didn’t think I would ever be a green tea fan as it is so heading into the realms of ‘herbal’ teas but this is beautiful)

In recent times I have also discovered High Tea. This is just something that you have to do. Everyone will love it. I have taken my Dad out to High Tea, my Mum’s Group, my friends, my Mum and my husband (who doesn’t drink coffee so finally we can enjoy this together).

Find yourself a Tea House or invite some folks over for High Tea- it is just too fun…