When life takes a detour...

Sometimes your day takes a detour and heads in a direction that you had not planned for. Last week on our way home from work, traffic was so bad that my husband and I found ourselves sitting in grid lock. While sitting, the radio traffic report announced the nightmare that was to be our journey home. At that we looked at one another, both having resolved that our night was not going to be owned by the frustration of bumper to bumper traffic. So rolling with the punches we made the decision to change our evening’s plans.

We had decided that we were going to go somewhere for dinner on the way home and wait out the traffic. Balmain became the destination purely cause it the closest location with places to eat. The fact that it has great places to eat was just a bonus. We also determined that seeing as we were being spontaneous, we would also go somewhere we had never been before. Having chosen a great little place with lovely ambience we ordered and settled in to have a great night. We weren’t in a hurry.

While waiting for our meal, the spontaneity seemed to continue when I grabbed a serviette and began a game of dots & dashes. I don’t think either of us had played that game for years and to be honest I don’t know why we started playing. Seeing spontaneity had become the flavour of the evening we just enjoyed the moment, and even progressed to a few games of hangman. I don’t think I won one game but it was still fun!

Next time you are out having a meal grab a serviette (as we did) and embark on some childhood favourites such as hangman and dots & dashes. We did and we had a ball.