Family... they are the only one you will ever have.

Family, you don’t get to choose them, but the reality is they are the only one you will ever have.

For some, seeing family probably happens, too often. While for others, time spent with family is all too rare. I probably fit in the latter category, I usually only get to see my family once a year maybe twice. More than that it seems to be a rarity that I go back to the town in which I grew up, to see them.

But this week I headed back to Queensland. After having sold the family farm, it was time for my brother and parents to move. Unfortunately however my mum had recently injured herself during their clearance sale and with few people available to help them, I headed home to lend a hand. What a huge job. Moving from a farm is no small feat.

The kre8tive moment came when after hearing their situation, I made my actions speak louder than my words and got on a plane to help. Valuing family is important. As I said before they are the only one that you’ll ever have. However, relationships cost. Like anything of value in life, they take hard work and often self sacrifice.

I know for some, family are really challenging. For some, relationships with family members are toxic and even destructive. Despite this I still believe, the special bond the ties people together in families is one to be treasured and where possible nurtured.

It was important for me this week to live out my values and make the sacrifice of time and money to tangibly demonstrate my love, care and support for my family. It was important for my family to know that when they need me that I can and will be there for them.

When did you last have some family members around for dinner, or drop around some baking? Have you offered to baby sitting, house clean or mow to help a family member out lately? What about sending a note, just to say that you love and appreciate them, or a phone call to say you were thinking of them? What could you do this month to sacrificially show a member of your family that you value the ties that bind you?