Who am I time?

Self-exploration is really just ‘who am I time?’ Taking some moments out of what was no doubt, a busy month and creating space to discover a little more about you.

I am hoping that you have an unlined Journal that you are using to complete all of your self exploration exercises. Make sure you like the look, size and feel of your journal as I want you to be able to enjoy spending time in it. As you complete these exercises you will discover more about yourself and this will make your journal a precious record of your creative journey.

This months ‘who am I’ activity is creating a collage. The process of creating a collage focuses our attention and energy in one place. We are able transfer our feelings and thoughts from the abstract to a concrete visual form. The construction of a collage can assist in bringing clarification to feelings and issues we are exploring, as well as allowing us to reach a new level of insight and self awareness.

Collage Equipment:
A sheet of paper (It is best to use a large sheet of paper. You can fold it and stick in your journal when it is finished.)

A variety of old magazines
Table top to work at
At least ½ hour (probably more)

Use the following guidelines to create your collage:
1. Relax and prepare for the task at hand (Environment is important, so put on some relaxing music that makes you feel good and burn a candle or some aromatherapy oil)

2. Flick through your pile of magazines tearing out whatever images, colours, words or symbols appeal to you (Don’t think about this too much. Follow your heart, not your head. Don’t try and figure out why you are choosing certain things, instead just enjoy the experience.)

3. When you feel you have collected enough, start to arrange the items on the sheet, gluing them wherever feels right (Again do not over thing this. Enjoy it!)

Now that you have finished your masterpiece you may wish to reflect on your creation in your journal. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:
• How did I feel while making my collage?
• Were there pieces I collected but did not use? Why?
• How do I feel about my finished artwork?
• What feelings can I see expressed within this artwork?
• Does the collage have a message for me?
• Does my collage feel complete?
• Is there any part of my collage that I don’t understand?
• What have I gained from this experience?

For more creative self exploration activities like this one, check out:Tatton, D & Gibbs, M. (1997). Finding our Magnificence. The Explorer’s Handbook: using the creative tools of visualization, writing, art & symbols. Brolga Publishing: Ringwood.