Making time for friends - High Tea....

So a few weeks ago I made the decision that I needed to schedule some more regular time with people who are important to me and who are believers in my future. So quite spontaneously I sent out an invite to a bunch of the girls in my world to come to a High Tea at my place. It was for whoever could make it - no pressure. The plan was to just hang out and enjoy each other's company, and if the mood took us there I had a little something creative planned.

 We were a small group - just the four of us but we had a lovely time drinking tea and chatting. And as it happened the mood took us there and we did something a little creative. It was fun. We had our own weaving tutorial and weaved colourful stars for the one million stars to end violence project.

It was really great everyone had a go and for some it was probably the first time that they had done something like that. We made 10 stars to contribute to the project. A small contribution but a contribution all the same. Not a bad effort really, as some of us were attempting to drink tea, have adult conversations, weave and ensure our children were not getting up to anything to terrifying. 

It was a definite success. What could be better than friends, tea, sweet treats, good conversation and some thing a little creative - food for the soul? What's more it was all too easy, just a spontaneous text, some food and a little creative idea. So now I have committed to do this once a month, because friends and food for the soul are important.

Photography by Berlinda Fortin
Thanks for taking some beautiful memories!