'Been Here Before... and isn't it awesome!'

"I have been here before and isn't it awesome!" Bobbie Houston

I'm am trying really hard this week to take that saying and make it my reality. This week it is my birthday and 'I have been here before' definitely applies to me. I have been here 37 times before in fact. And if I am honest the excitement that once surrounded birthdays is long gone. These days it's far more like dread.

 I don't really love the self reflection that always comes with birthdays these days either. As usually it means finding far to many areas of your life that are really not how you would like them to be or how you once envisaged they would be at this stage of your life.

When you are young birthdays are always filled with so much promise and potential. These days that is not usually how I feel about birthdays.

But as with so much of life - our attitude frames our experience. I am trying really hard not to let my attitude put a dampener on this birthday. I am trying to remember that ' I have been here before - but isn't it awesome!'

I may not be as young as I once was, or as fit or as skinny or as.... but I am wiser than I have ever been and life still has so much promise and potential. I have been here before but it is awesome!

I think Gratitude is the key.

For me I need to remind myself that there is usually far more to be thankful for than there is to complain about- even during a rough season. My natural tendency is to get caught up in what is not where or how I anticipated it should be and I forget to take stock of all that is right, and good and lovely; all that is awesome in my life.

So this birthday, this 37th birthday I am trying - I'm going to be grateful for all the amazing blessings I have in my life. I am going to acknowledge that 'I have been here before' .... But isn't it awesome!