Monday Makes- big rug HACK...

So my house has lots of tiles and is like an igloo in winter. We ha previously put up with it but with a little one wondering around all the time it was necessary to do something to try and warm our main living space- a rug was the answer. The only problem was it need to fit under our dinning table and not be a hazard every time you sat at the table. It need to be BIG as we have a big table. Not having several hundred dollars to spend on a rug and still wanting something fashionable I got my thinking cap on. 

So I got my thinking cap on and came up with a solution. It would need to be a flat weave rug. I wanted it to be black and white (mostly black) as I have kids and I wanted the rug to last longer than a week. I knew there would need to be a compromise between on trend and affordability so I started the search. It did take me several months to find a solution that fitted what I was prepared to spend and would be the right type of rug. The answer was found at Kmart. 

For $29 I could buy a reasonably large flat weave rug. The quality of the rugs were pretty good for the price and I actually liked them. However to cover the space required I would need 4 of them and then how would I stop them being a constant trip hazard. Solution stitch them together. I am on a yellow thing at the moment so yellow thread it had to be.  

So for less then $150 I had created a rug 260 cm x 320 cm plenty big enough to go under my table and allow enough clearance that it would not get destroyed every time someone put the chair in and out. Yes cleaning it is a bit more of an effort but it has made such a massive difference to the temperature in our living space. It also maintains the temperature better after you have warmed up the space. 

I'm happy with the outcome. If you are needing a rug solution maybe think about stitching together multiple flat weave rugs. It could work for your area as well.