Monday's Mummy Makes...

Well not all of these 'Makes' are from today but I thought I would share some of my latest Mummy creations. All of my Mummy Creations have only one audience in mind - my 'Button'. Only her satisfaction/ entertainment/ enjoyment matters when it comes to these creations, in fact most of them only come into being upon her specific request. I love that in some way shape or form we get to share these little creative activities together. Here is a few of our recent creative adventures....

Today's creative activity was to make a triple layered meringue cake with berry yoghurt cream. After watching them cook on play school the standard request is "Can we cook something?"
This was what she chose from the recipe book. Oh and it tastes super yummy!!!

Face painting is one of our favourite activities. 'Button' lives for fairy wings, princess dresses and crowns, dancing shoes and all things fairy. Every face is created according to her chosen theme. This one was our version of a Butterfly Fairy- the colours are chosen by her as they must match what she is wearing.

The request for this creative activity went like this:
"Mum can you make me a princess hat like Dora wears?"
"Can it be lellow?
So in true Maker Mum Style here is her repurposed cereal box princess hat.
She loved it and it now takes pride of place in her dress up box.