Back in the saddle...

WOW, so 5 months have passed and FINALLY I am back at my computer tapping away some random ramblings. How time has flown!

Well I guess I should give some explanation to the land of blog, who may or may not still be interested in my little blog, as to my lengthy absence... Simply put I fell of the horse. Life threw a few curve balls my way towards the end of last year knocking the wind out of my blogging sails. The desire never left and my constant stream of creative ideas didn't dry up either, I just simply didn't have the motivation or any thing that I felt I really wanted to share.

2012 then arrived much faster than I had anticipated and now here we are in March. I have turned another year older as has my little 'button'. I have been meaning to re-enter the blogging fray since the beginning of the year . So here I am.

I hope to date you are experiencing a great year full of opportunity and promise. I determined at the beginning of this year that, 2012 would be a year of Unceasing fruitfulness. So here's to that!