Friday Faves - Upcycled Fashion

Finally after what feels like feels like forever I scored myself a dressmakers dummy off ebay for a bargin. I am so glad I was patient. I love her and I am very excited to under take some fashion upcycling projects.

So in light of my recent crafty purchase I thought I would celebrate Upcycled Fashions in this weeks Friday faves. Here are my favourite creations.

Upcycled Denim with Pink Japanese Flower Toddler Backpack by Joyfoolery

Vintage Upcycled Spoon Necklace by runrabbitrun

Violets earrings - Large by jennaappleton

Discharged dyed recycled t-shirt with an antique lace design by twoemus

Recycled Tea Stained Cotton Silk Lace Tattered Boho Boa Scarf by plumfish 

These lovelies can be found at

Vintage High Fashion Custom Recycle Boho Colorblock Mini Dress by thewholeSHbang
Altered States recycled silk Flower Child crochet tunic by alexart