Thought for Thursday - Expectant & Fervent...

I was recently walking among blogland and stumbled upon the site of lisa leonard designs. I was total taken by her 'word of the year necklace'. Not just for its simple beauty but for its meaning and declaration.  I love the tangibility of this declaration. The constant concrete reminder of one's commitment to one's self. A few years ago I too made a rather permanent declaration of my own when at 29 I finally go the courage to do something I had wanted to do since I was a teen - I got a tattoo. Much thought went into the design my husband and I created, it needed to have real meaning. It was going to hurt and be permanent. It needed to make a statement.

It reminds me that I have been created for 'such a time as this'.  As I continued my blogland travelling I discovered that many fellow bloggers have made declarations of their own over their 2011.  In addition to my permanent declaration I love the idea of having a 'WORD' for my year.

I should not have been surprised that I was not able to settle on one. After much thought two words would not let me go:

Bring on a FERVENT and EXPECTANT 2011!!!