What's your inspiration Wednesday - out of the mouth of babes...

Well today put simply 'Button' is my inspiration. Apart from being hilariously funny and always entertaining she is now my personal trainer. At 18mths old she has come up with a fool proof exercise regime for her Mummy.

I have had some Turbo Jam DVD's for years now and I really enjoy doing them once I start. (For those of you who have not heard of Turbo Jam it is an aerobic style of exercise that is mostly martial arts type movements put together with dance incorporated). My issue is that I totally lack the motivation lately. But that is now totally sorted as my personal trainer is 'pestering' me into shape.

I did Turbo Jam in front of her a few weeks ago on one of the rare days where I actually felt like exercising and she thought it was the most fabulous thing ever. Since then her day is not complete until mummy and her have done some dancing.

So, hence today ' Button' is my inspiration - hopefully her pestering continues for many more months to come - then my waist line will also be able to thank her.