Thoughts for Thursday - Spring cleaning

Yep it is that time of the year again (I still can not believe that it is September - but dispite my shock that doesn't change the fact that, yes it is September and there is only FOUR MONTHS left till the end of 2010. But before I depress myself too much at how quickly time is zooming by, let me focus on the fact that it is SPRING. I love spring and all of the new flowers, the warmer days become more frequent, all of the baby animals. It is a wonderful time of the year. It is also time to TAKE STOCK- to put on those rubber gloves, dust off the vacumn cleaner and get into every little nook and cranny that you can find. No one wants to start Summer with the stuffy, heaviness that Winter can leave behind.

I know most of us appreciate the notion of Spring cleaning our house but this time of the year is also a great time to spring clean our LIVES. Often we have those little places on the inside of ourselves that during a WINTER have gathered dust, or grown mould, or become covered with cob webs. Even though we may have noticed them in the past now we don't really see the dust or the mould or the cob webs anymore as we have become so familiar - now we don't even notice. However with Spring comes light and warmth. Its the time when we can draw back the curtains and open the windows and allow the light to bring those 'areas that could benefit from some spring cleaning' to our attention.

I must admit that I tend to get the CLEANING itch at this time of the year nearly every year. I tend to sort through my wardrobe, declutter my house and ebay anything that we do not need or use any more. I also tend to become more aware of the condition of my INNER 'house'. I very easily become distracted, restless and overwhelmed when surrounded by clutter, disorder, dirt and grime in my external physical world. The same is the case with my internal world.

I am fortunate to have and I have made a choice to invest in regular and great input into my life. Today some of the truths about the benefits of an INTERNAL spring clean were brought to my attention. (Thank you SISTERHOOD).

So I have begun my Spring clean. I am looking to clean and declutter both internally and externally.  So firstly I will NEED to capitalise on the opportunity SPRING presents and make sure I allow the LIGHT to highlight those areas that could do with a clean up. Secondly I will have to allow the time to clean. You and I both know that a big clean up usually creates more mess before becoming FREE from mess. So I am going to allow the time and be committed to the process- I don't want to QUIT part the way through.

Maybe you have some internal nooks and crannies that could benefit from a good old fashioned SPRING CLEAN. I know I do. As it is in fact SPRING it is probably as gooder time as any for me to get in and give them a good old scrub.