Thought for Thursday... Thanksgiving!!

Reflect upon your present BLESSINGS
of which every man has PLENTY:
not on your PAST MISFORTUNES, of which all men have some.

Charles Dickens, 1812-1870

I read this quote yesterday and instantly it spoke to me.  Often we or those around us seem to spend so much time focusing on past or present misfortunes. How awesome would be to instead be overflowing with appreciation and thankfulness for the amazing blessings that fill our lives.  I have always loved the idea of regularly expressing my thankfulness and previously I have written about my 'thank you' ritual.....

Unfortunately I have to confess that this habit has become a little less frequent of late (this will have to change- and this years book of 'things we're thankful for' needs to be getting a bit of a workout). But while contemplating the truth of this statement I felt compelled to spend some time in my journal reflecting on the blessings that fill my life. This type of self- exploration is always healthy and is food for the soul. Journalling alone however did not seem to be enough. I felt like I needed to do more to remind myself to be more thankful but also to remember to regularly reflect on life's gifts. Prayer flags came to me and so I set out to make one of my own...

Step 1: Cut out little triangles.
Step 2: Cut out ribbon /edging.
Step 3: Sew triangles inside of ribbon / edging.
Step 4: With permanent marker write the things you are thankful for.
Step 5: Display in a place where you will look at it often.

Maybe during your next time of self-exploration/ reflection you could make your own prayer flag! Feel free to blog about the making of yours and leave a link here in the comments as I would love to see your Prayer Flag of Thanksgiving.