Ode to a little friend...

An ode to our dear little friend.
She would dance, run and jump all day
Cute and small with very big feet
She loved unconditionally that was her way.

Now she is lost to us forever
And we are filled with sorrow
Neglectfully we loved her
I know we'll be miss'n her tomorrow.

Well as you can see I have ventured into the land of poetry and I am not very good at it. But needing to come to terms with my grief over the lost of our family pet; Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit 'Squirrel', yesterday I looked to poetry to express my emotions. Writing a poem is hard work. Those few pathetic lines took me TWO days to write- very sad I know. But I felt I owed her some moments of reflection and contemplation. I also need to work through some of my own feelings of sadness but also guilt as the poor little thing was so often taken for granted and even a little neglected.

Maybe you have some stuff that needs expressing and maybe poetry would be a great tool for you to use to work through those feelings and emotions. Do your self a favour however and put aside the perfectionism during this process- I had to! Doing something out of your creative comfort zone is good for us to do on a regular basis, it stretches our tent; enlarges our capacity and helps to strip away those things that can hinder us, like perfectionism.

I want to encourage you to have the courage to allow yourself to explore your thoughts and feelings. Often we need to schedule in a regular health check up with ourselves. We need to set aside time every now and then to stop, reflect and just stay in touch with our emotional, spiritual and creative selves. Often it is those difficult situations or life's little speed humps that provide us with a great opportunity to do just that.