I made it myself...

I know I never ended up blogging about my New Years Resolutions (original post: A time for reflection) that was mostly cause I haven't taken the time to remove them from my head and put pen to paper. I so, still need to do this as it is good for clarity and necessary for creating a plan to achieve those goals. "Fail to plan, plan to fail" isn't that what they say? I also know that March is almost over- I have much to do.

But I digress, one of my un-written resolutions for 2010 is to 'GIVE HANDMADE'. This is mostly to test, challenge and grow my creativity, cause it is quite easy to just whip out and buy something for someone without putting a lot of thought into it. Also as all 'single salary' families know the $ can get a little tight; however my desire to bless people with gifts does not diminish (I LOVE giving pressies).

I aim mostly to make them all myself as I am a subscriber to the notion that people do truly appreciate something that you have taken the time to make with your own hands. However I am realistic enough to know I am not always going to have the time or the skill to make something suitable for everyone this year and on those occasions I look forward to seeking out some unique Aussie handmade loveliness.

So to encourage you to GIVE HANDMADE in 2010 as well, I thought I would share some of the goodies I have created so far this year (if the idea of creating gifts yourself is debilitating not inspiring then don't be de-railed just get yourself along to some of our country's fab artists markets, blogs, websites and/or  homewares/ gift shops and make your challenge to discover some new aussie talent.

These were the Thank You presents that I created for the child guests of my daughters recent 'Sea Creatures' themed first birthday party. I simply bought blank jigsaw puzzle packs from my local art store (10/ pack for approx $7) then with permanent marker drew a fish; coloured them in with texters; added a googly eye and added some bling with a little metalic gold paint.   

On the left was the gift box I created for a friend's 30th Birthday. I up-cycled an old piece of packaging by covering it with fabric made from fused plastic bags. Then I embellished it with individually hand-drawn images. The bow was also made from the fused plastic material. Inside was the above necklace and brooch. The necklace was created using glass beads and recycled ribbon. While the brooch was created from up-cycled discarded items, that have been gold leafed and painted. 

These are just a few of the gifts I have made so far in 2010 (unfortuately I didn't photograph some of the others). I would SO love to know what you think about GIVING HANDMADE in 2010. I would also love to hear about your latest hand made gift- leave a comment and or blog about it and leave a link in the comments- I would love to check out your handy work too.